My DIY quilt hanger… 

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I got this beautiful quilt that was handmade by a church friend at a silent auction earlier this summer.  I finally figured out where I wanted to hang it, but I didn’t have a way to hang it.  I didn’t really want to spend money, so I started searching the house and sheds for something that would work.  I found 2 curtain rod hangers, but no curtain rod.  Eventually, I realized I could use bamboo! We have a little bamboo forest in our back yard that is full of free curtain rods 🙂

My super hubby cut me down a piece of bamboo the perfect length for the quilt, and the perfect thickness to work with the hangers I had found.  So for zero $$ I was able to hang the amazing quilt!

It can be so tempting to just run out and buy things new.  A simple way to save money is to get creative with what you already have!  This little project saved me about $20.  It’s not much, but every little bit helps 🙂  I may change it out for a real rod later on down the road, but for right now I’m content with bamboo.

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