CVS this week (2/26) 3 razors, 5 blades and a heat wrap for under $3.00!

I forgot to take a picture again, but I did get a pretty sweet deal on razors!  Last summer they were on sale all the time for free or almost free, and it looks like […]

Beef and Noodles with roasted veggies

Tonight’s dinner was not part of my monthly plan but I had some mushrooms and tomatoes that I needed to use up.  Here’s what I made: Beef and Noodles: Start pot of water boiling Dice […]

Weekend coupons

The Sunday coupon preview site was not very accurate for the harrisonburg area.  We did not get the pepsico insert, but there were more coupons in the one insert I did compared to the website.  […]

Target deal on diapers and wipes

Each week I look at because they do a great job of finding some of the best deals on diapers.  This week the deals are not the cheapest I’ve seen, but some pretty good […]

Quesadilla Ravioli and taco pasta: My best leftover creation yet!

  Tonight we pretended we were on the Food Network show “Chopped”.  Our mystery basket was whatever was in the fridge.  I had several things that were gonna go bad soon, so here is what […]

Weekend Coupon Preview

This weekend there is only one coupon insert.  I went ahead and bought 2 papers even though I didn’t see any great coupons.  Click here to see what the coupons will be.

Big moneymaker deal at Rite Aid!

I don’t usually go to rite aid, but this week you can make over $8.00 by buying toothpaste and toothbrushes.  I don’t need either….but for $8.00 I don’t know if I can let this deal […]

Free Tide Sample

Get a sample of the new Tide Pods by clicking here

CVS this week: Free toothpaste and cheap soup

I didn’t take a picture this week, but I did get 2 pretty good deals at CVS this week.  Here’s what I bought: 4 cans of Campbells tomato soup on sale for $0.59 and used […]

Weekend Coupon Preview

Click here to see what coupons will be in this weeks paper.  Be sure to get at least 2 if you need toothpaste because it will be free at CVS this week (limit 2).  There […]