How to get a credit if you lost cable this month in the storms…

Today is the 19th of July and so far this month I have been without cable and internet for 14 of those days (hence the lack of posts on my blog!)  We lost our cable […]

Red White and Blue cupcakes

       I made these for the 4th of July.  They are chocolate cupcakes from a box mix ($1.00 at Martins) topped with homemade butter cream frosting (about $2.00).  The white are just plain vanilla butter […]

Easy Skillet Chicken and Rice Dinner for under $5.00

This dinner took about 50 minutes to make, but most of that time involved me doing nothing.  It also probably cost me under $5.0o total to make. The chicken comes out super moist and the […]

I just saved $15 a month on my cable bill!!

We watch about 5 channels on our TV, and those 5 channels already cause us to waste way more time than I would like.  This is why when my newest comcast bill showed up, and […]