What "Screen Free" week will look like in my house…

This coming week is “Screen Free” week.  I encourage everyone to try at least limiting their family’s screen time this week.  My kids have complained about the idea the most, but I think I’m the […]

How to save on your phone, cable & internet

There are plenty of websites and lists of ways to save on your bills, but I decided to write a list of tips that will actually save you money.  They are all things I have […]

Grocery deals this week & a GREAT deal for teachers!

After scanning the ads, I think I will be doing my shopping at Martins and Food Lion.  I try to stick to only one store per week, but this week both stores have a few […]

$79.31 for a week of groceries (plus diapers) and my menu for the week.

This week I went I spent a little more than I would have liked, but if you subtract out the cost of diapers (about $9 for 2 packs) which comes out of the “kids” portion […]

A few stock up items at Food Lion this week…

I haven’t made my grocery list for next week yet, but in the Food Lion ad I do see a few stock up items!  These are items that are priced pretty low and you should […]

Ham and Broccoli One Pot Pasta Dinner, plus other tips for getting the most out of a ham (or turkey)!

I posted awhile ago that Easter is the time of year to stock up on hams.  Well I did, and this week my little family of 5 is eating one!  If you have ever tried […]

Fruit Smoothies! Fun, frugal and full of fractions :)

Alice got Usborne’s “Start to Cook” cookbook for Easter and she decided the first thing we were going to try would be fruit smoothies.  First- let me rave about this book! This is truly a […]

Groceries for the week under $55 at Food Lion! Plus my weekly menu

Today I did my grocery shopping for the week, but the planning started several days ago.  My weekly routine for menu and grocery planning starts on Wednesday mornings over coffee.  Each Wednesday the Food Lion, […]

A simple way to save money…

Right now on Amazon you can get Gatorade mix for $11.93 ($12.01 for lemon lime).  The prices fluctuate from about $10 to $13 BUT it is always cheaper than buying the smaller drinks.  My husband […]

How to Budget: Getting Started

Updated from January 2012 The number one rule to saving money is not spending more than you have.  The number two rule is knowing how much money you have at your disposal! The best (and […]