Super Cheap Gatorade!

I know I have posted before about deals on Gatorade, but here’s a graphic to show you just how awesome a deal it is! You can get the equivalent of 57, 20-oz bottles for […]

Traveling with kids- 3 tips you probably haven’t seen!

We live in Virginia and my husband’s family is in Indiana.  We vacation in North Carolina and West Virginia and like to visit friends in New York. THIS MEANS WE TAKE A LOT OF LOOOOOONG […]

A Sunday Morning Reminder…

Updated List of Summer Activities!

One of my family’s FAVORITE summer events is this weekend! Be sure the check out the Ray Gordon Jumbo fly-in!  If your kids (or you) love airplanes you have to go!  The event is free […]

Grocery Deals This week

There aren’t any deals I’m super excited about this week.  Might be a good time to eat from your freezer and pantry, and save you extra $$ for next week when there might be some […]

2 more deals to help you go chemical free!

I posted earlier today on Facebook about how I am working towards going chemical free without breaking my budget.  My goal is to start replacing my cleaning products and medicines, then anything else.  Our budget is […]

Groceries this week for $53.40 and my menu

The next few weeks are a bit crazy for menu planning! We have several family events, picnics, a lawn party, vacation and bible school.  Really, for the next 3 weeks I’ll hardly be cooking dinner, […]

A simple way to use almost bad fruit.

My kids love fruit.  They eat fruit all the time, but we still always end up with a few mushy (or even half eaten) bananas.  A couple squishy strawberries, or a bruised peach no one […]

Grocery Deals this week!

Here are the deals I think are worth grabbing this week.  As I’ve said before, there are other great deals out there if you have a way to print multiple coupons, or you buy multiple […]

Fun family activity- Painting Rocks!

Have you seen the new trend of painting and hiding rocks?  According to The Kindness Rocks Project‘s website, the trend was created to “spread inspiration and a moment of kindness for unsuspecting recipients through random […]