A really strange, but fun kid activity

  I love fall, and one of my favorite fall smells is walnuts! It always brings back so many childhood memories.  My cousins and I use to play all sorts of silly games involving walnuts at […]

An amazing sale on books!

I try to keep my book business and my blogging separate but occasionally the collide! Right now Usborne is having a “Fall Frenzy” sale with books on sale for up to 70% off! Now is a […]

Bacon & Veggie Pasta

Anything with Bacon is automatically yummy right? What makes this dish even better is that it is cheap, easy, kids love it and it’s a great way to use up all those random, almost empty […]

Grocery Deals starting 9/27- Cheap Coffee!

Looks like I’ll be going to Foodlion and Martins this week!!  Martins as a few great deals like Eight O’Clock coffee!! FoodLion They are still having their QuarterBack sale, so just in case you haven’t […]

Sideline Suppers

Are you a busy family in the evenings?? If so, I have a game-changing idea for you: Sideline suppers! For many people, when the kids are involved in after-school activities it means fast food dinners […]

Creamy Italian Pork Crock Pot dinner

This week’s CrockPot challenge went WAY better than last week!  We definitely created a yummy, cheap, easy, kid-friendly recipe!  My picky eater actually said, “I could eat this all day”.  I wish I could have videotaped him! Here’s […]

Coupons worth clipping 9/24

There are lots of good coupons this week for items that might go on sale. I’d definitely keep all the coupons, but the ones listed below I feel pretty confident you will want to use […]

Grocery Deals starting 9/20- Super cheap shampoo!

Super excited about Food Lion this week! A gluten-free item made my list for the first time and here is a great deal on shampoo that should have you stocked up for several months! First- […]

Groceries for $65.26 ($52.44 after WIC) and my menu for the week

This week I shopped at Food Lion because I love when they have their Quarter Back sale.  (Read about how to get the most out of this deal here)  You can see all my grocery […]

Crock Pot Challenge Fail (mostly)

This week the winning Crock Pot recipe was cubed beef, beer, liquid smoke, carrots, and potatoes served over quinoa.  I was SUPER excited about this recipe.  It smelled AMAZING all day long.  HOWEVER, when I […]