My 6th most viewed post of 2017

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Today I’m sharing my 6th most viewed post of 2017.

I’ve been working my way through my top 10 most viewed posts of 2017.  I’ll be sharing the #1 post on New Year’s day.  Today also happens to be the day of my 9-year wedding anniversary.  It’s really a strange coincidence that today’s post falls on December 27th.  My #6 post is all about traveling, and for about 6 of my past wedding anniversaries, we have always driven to Indiana on this day.  I know, what a romantic way to spend a wedding anniversary!  Here’s a bonus picture for today from our wedding 🙂

A quick recap of  my top #10-5 posts:
10) Easy recipe every busy person should have!

Here’s a recipe that is  cheap, makes a dinner for tonight plus 2 for the freezer, you can make it ahead (night before or during naptime!), kids will eat it, can be easily adapted to suit your tastes, it’s made using only 1 skillet and a cutting board, and it tastes good! Are you in love yet??

9) We paid cash for a weekend vacation.

After months of saving, we paid cash for a weekend vacation.  See how we planned a vacation around exactly what the kids wanted while still on a budget.

8) What to do when you forget to take dinner out of the freezer…

What should you do when you forget to take your dinner out of the freezer? Hint- the answer isn’t order pizza.  Here’s an easy, money saving tip…

7) Are you getting a good deal when you buy from a direct seller?

I am super thrifty with my money and I am also a huge supporter of direct sellers. Can you be thrifty and support these companies at the same time??

My 6th most viewed post of 2017:

 Traveling with 3 kids- 3 tips you probably haven’t seen!

Tips for traveling with kids- a list of ideas you haven’t seen anywhere else! simple ideas to make long trips a little cheaper and happier.

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