We paid cash for a weekend vacation 

We’ve been planning a family weekend vacation for a long time.  We’ve had enough cash saved for several months but have been waiting for a free weekend and when my husband would have a chance to […]

We were under budget last month…but this month isn’t looking good.

So it’s the first of July which means I can finalize June’s budget.  How did we do?? We were under budget by $338.30!! What’s the bad news though? We haven’t gotten paid in about a […]

Budgeting: How much should you spend in each category?

If you are new to this site, or new to budgeting you may want to first check out my “How to Start a Budget” post.   If you have been tracking your spending for a little […]

Get a FREE month of YNAB (You need a budget!)

Exciting news!! YNAB.com just started a referral program! What does that mean for you?? If you sign up through my referral link we both get a month for FREE! (In addition to the 34 free […]

My favorite budgeting program!

What is my favorite budgeting program?  It’s You Need a Budget!  Read to find out why and how you can get 2 months for free! I have had a monthly budget for over 10 years. […]

How to Budget: Getting Started

Updated from January 2012 The number one rule to saving money is not spending more than you have.  The number two rule is knowing how much money you have at your disposal! The best (and […]

How I create a stockpile and my stock up price list.

I hate paying full price for ANYTHING, so I try very hard to only buy my groceries when they are on sale.  The only way this is possible to 1) plan your meals around sale […]

How to save bunches on your phone/cable/internet bills

There are plenty of websites and lists of ways to save on your bills, but I decided to write a list of tips that will actually save you money.  They are all things I have […]