Coupons Worth Clipping 1/28

Here are your coupons worth clipping for 1/28.  There are a bunch of good ones this week! Coupon inserts are full of items that might go on sale one day, but if you watch the […]

Coupons worth clipping 1/21

Coupon inserts are full of items that might go on sale one day, but if you watch the sales long enough you learn which ones definitely will go on sale.  Here is a list of […]

Coupons Worth Clipping 1/7

Holy Moly my newspaper had a bunch of inserts this week!!  Did yours? I had 5!! Several coupons you need to clip and use this week at Martin’s!  Below I’ve listed the coupons you can use […]

Coupons Worth Clipping 12/10

There’s a few good coupons worth clipping this week! Below is  list of the coupons I feel 99% sure you will be able to match with a store sale before they expire.  Go ahead and […]

Coupons Worth Clipping 12/3

Not very many coupons worth clipping this week.  I recommend looking at your Christmas list though and see if you will need any candy or items for baking and DIY gifts! SmartSource: $1.00 Hershey candy- Definitely […]

A behind the scenes look at how to find grocery deals…

When I first started couponing years ago (before kids) I spent tons of time each week clipping coupons and searching for the best deals.  3 kids later there is no time for that!  I usually […]

Coupons worth clipping 11/12

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you know I don’t clip every coupon…I don’t have time for that!  Each week I do clip a few coupons each week that I know I will […]

Coupons worth clipping 11/5

Here’s a list of the coupons you should clip from the 11/5 newspaper. My paper only had 1 insert from SmartSource.  I would keep the entire insert, but the following coupons you will definitely use […]

Coupons worth clipping 10/22

My coupon inserts were a little small this week, so there aren’t too many coupons worth clipping.  I only clip the coupons I KNOW I’ll use, but I do recommend hanging on to your inserts […]

Coupons worth keeping 10/15

This week I only had 1 insert in my newspaper.  It was a SmartSource “special issue”.  Here are the coupons you will probably want to clip based on what usually goes on sale. Nature Valley […]