Crock Pot Challenge Fail (mostly)

This week the winning Crock Pot recipe was cubed beef, beer, liquid smoke, carrots, and potatoes served over quinoa.  I was SUPER excited about this recipe.  It smelled AMAZING all day long.  HOWEVER, when I […]

We did it! Easy, Kid friendly crock pot meal for under $5 total!

I’ve been looking for cheap, easy and kid friendly crock pot meals but haven’t had much luck.  So Sunday I posted on Facebook a few ingredient choices and said whichever got the most votes would […]

Taco Pie Recipe

A friend posted this recipe online a few weeks ago and I finally tried it out this week! It was super easy to make and is definitely a keeper.  3 out of 5 of us […]

Bonnie’s Chicken and Pasta

This is one of my favorite recipes from when I lived at home.  “Bonnie” is a co-worker of my Mom who gave us this recipe, so we’ve always just called it “Bonnie’s chicken and pasta”. […]

Hidden Squash Mac & Cheese Recipe

I love squash but the rest of my family doesn’t.  This time of year though I feel like everywhere I go people are giving away squash!! Since it’s basically a free veggie, I created this […]

Cast Iron Baked Chicken

We eat A LOT of chicken since it is always so cheap.  This “recipe” is one I love because it is all made in one skillet and you can easily change the flavors to whatever […]

The Results from Chopped Night- Kid edition

Last night dinner was “Chopped” night, taken from the Food Network show.  We do this on night’s when we have plenty of food in the freezer or pantry, but I don’t have enough brain power […]

My menu for the week which includes a silly cooking game…

After almost 3 weeks of not cooking between vacations, family events, and bible school, I’m actually looking forward to getting in the kitchen again! My menu started with a plan for burgers tonight, but we were out […]

Groceries this week for $53.40 and my menu

The next few weeks are a bit crazy for menu planning! We have several family events, picnics, a lawn party, vacation and bible school.  Really, for the next 3 weeks I’ll hardly be cooking dinner, […]

$45.04 in groceries for the week plus my menu

I’m trying to eat from my fridge, freezer, and pantry this week so I used my extra $$ to stock up on a few good deals at Food Lion.  You can read about the grocery […]