Almost like Pizza Hut Pizza

  One way we have found to save money is to learn how to make our favorite foods from restaurants.  If you know Zack, you know how much he loves pizza, and how much pizza […]

Roasted red pepper hummus ravioli over venison and marsala sauce

                  Tonight’s dinner wasn’t my best…but I think It’ll be pretty good next time I make it.  We were supposed to have spaghetti, but I didn’t feel like eating that, so since I had […]

Taco Mac and Cheese for $2.58 in about 20 mins.

  I realized tonight that all my dinners look the same…I promise the don’t all taste the same though!  I used to have a recipe for Taco Mac and Cheese, but I can’t find it […]

Dinner for $4.92

Tonight’s dinner is based off of a recipe my Dad made up (or so I’m told…I’ve never actually seen him make it 🙂 ).  Growing up we always called it TunaRot, and I promise it […]

Dinner for -$7.86 (sort of) in 20 mins

Tonight having a dinner plan saved us from spending money on fast food!  One of the joys of owning an old house is the never ending list of projects.  Today’s hallway project turned into finding […]

Dinner done in 15 minutes tonight!

Tonight’s dinner was the first meal on our month plan.  We had grilled cheese, tomato soup, and brussels sprouts.   It took a total of 15 minutes to make (including taking the picture!) It’s not […]

My first blog entry~ Menu planning for a month

I’ve been saying I should write my own blog for a long time, and I’ve finally gotten around to it!  People always ask me about how I coupon, how our cash system works, and all […]