Valentine’s Dinner for 2 under $20 made in under 20 minutes!

  Valentine’s Dinner for 2 under $20 and made in under 20 minutes!  Ribeye steaks with a homemade spice rub, Pasta topped with a portabello marsala cream sauce, green beans on the side and cheesecake for […]

Cheesy Bacon Chicken Amazingness

Tonight I think I created my family’s new favorite recipe!! Usually, I try to make simple, cheap and healthy meals.  Well, tonight’s dinner wasn’t easy or healthy BUT it was cheap and incredibly yummy!! At […]

3 Ingredient Cereal Bars

I’ve been on the search for a homemade granola bar recipe that is yummy enough my family will eat them.  I seem to be able to make really yummy totally unhealthy bars or ones that […]

Limited TV week- How did it go?

Monday night I posted on my personal Facebook page about how we told the kids they couldn’t watch TV that night, so instead, they asked to clean the kitchen.  Well, this ended up turning into […]

Cheese-less Mac & Cheese

Tonight’s menu called for ham, green beans and mac & cheese.  This is one of my go-to quick and simple dinners everyone eats without complaint.  Well, tonight as I was making the mac & cheese […]

Cheese Ball Recipe

If you have ever attended any kind of pot-luck or get together with me you have probably had my cheese ball.  It is the easiest cheese ball recipe I’ve ever seen! Not only is it […]

How to perfectly peel an egg

Do you struggle with peeling hard-boiled eggs? I think I have finally figured out how to perfectly peel an egg without removing big chunks off egg! I must not be alone in this struggle because […]