Amazon deals and my promise to you!

Lately, you have probably noticed several more Amazon deals being posted by me.  There’s two reasons for this: 1) Shopping on Amazon is one of the big ways we save money on everyday purchases and […]

3 Steps for Getting the Best Christmas Deals

Ready or not Black Friday is only 2 weeks away.  Even if you don’t go out shopping on Black Friday, Christmas is coming and so is the busiest most expensive shopping season of the year.  […]

Is Norwex worth the money??

I’ve been interested in Norwex for a while but always wondered: Is Norwex worth the money?  So over the past few months, I have been testing out several Norwex products around my house.  I’ve even […]

40 Hair bows for $8.69 and FREE shipping from Amazon!

Amazon currently has this set of 40 hair bows on sale for only $8.69!! If you have Amazon Prime, shipping is FREE. I grabbed this set a few months ago when they were on sale […]

I can’t afford to be a full-time teacher…

I can’t afford to be a full-time teacher.  That sounds crazy, I know.  Especially since so many mom’s feel like they can’t afford to be a stay-at-home mom.  I felt that way too for years.  […]

If looking super cute on Christmas is your thing…

If your family is like mine and enjoys being super disgustingly cute and matchy on Christmas morning I have a deal for you!!!  It may seem WAY too early to be buying Christmas jammies, but […]

Homemade pizza rolls… Almost 

One of my top 10 ways to save on groceries is to learn how to make the foods I crave that don’t fit into the budget. (Read the full top 10 list here).  So far […]

An amazing sale on books!

I try to keep my book business and my blogging separate but occasionally the collide! Right now Usborne is having a “Fall Frenzy” sale with books on sale for up to 70% off! Now is a […]

Sideline Suppers

Are you a busy family in the evenings?? If so, I have a game-changing idea for you: Sideline suppers! For many people, when the kids are involved in after-school activities it means fast food dinners […]

Teaching kids about money

I’ve posted before about how my husband and I only buy our kids toys at Christmas or on their birthday.  The rest of the year, they have to use their own money if they want […]