Cheese Ball Recipe

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If you have ever attended any kind of pot-luck or get together with me you have probably had my cheese ball.  It is the easiest cheese ball recipe I’ve ever seen! Not only is it cheap and easy to make, it’s also pretty fun to shape into fun things! I have a strange talent for shaping cheese.  Below are 3 of my favorite “cheese balls” I’ve made.

Here’s the standard recipe, and then I’ll add details on how I create the various shapes.

Cheese Ball Recipe:

Adapted from a Southern Living Recipe.

Combine 2- 8oz. blocks of slightly softened cream cheese, 2 handfuls of shredded cheddar cheese, and 1 packet of powdered ranch mix.  Stir until well blended, then shape into your favorite design (or a boring ball).  Serve with Triscuits.


Add orange food coloring to cheese mixture.  Form a ball first, then create a small indention at the top.  Use fingers to make 5 lines going down to form pumpkin sides.  Use a honey twist pretzel for the stem.


Before making the cheese mixture, set aside a small amount of plain cream cheese to use for the eyes and teeth.  Split cheese mixture into 3 sections, plus save a little cheese for the feet.  Shape cheese balls to make body and feet.  Use pretzel sticks for the arms.  I used a baby carrot for the nose and cut pieces of carrots for the hair.  The buttons are dried cranberries.  For the mouth, eyebrows, and center of the eyes,  make a pile of dried cranberries and smash them together until flat.  Use a knife to cut into the shape of a mouth, eyebrows and eye centers. (Fruit roll-up would also work!) Shape plain cream cheese to form the teeth and eyes.

Star of David

This was probably the hardest one I ever made but was perfect for a Hanukkah themed party at work.  I doubled the recipe and made it all light blue.  First I flattened the cheese into a rectangle and cut it into the shape of the star of David.  Next, I then added more blue food coloring to the pieces I had cut off.  I rolled those into ropes and made the outline of the star.  Last I smoothed it all out!

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