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Have you been wanting to get into the “drugstore game” but didn’t know where to start? Here is the help you need!

I used to be a weekly CVS shopper who spent probably an hour each week gathering coupons and finding deals.  Then 3 kids happened and I ran out of time.  Now, I’m ready to get back to finding great deals, but this time around I’m going to keep it simple.  Drugstores can save you some serious money, and some weeks you can even make money but it doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming.

I will be posting weekly CVS deals, but first let’s go over some information you need to know if you are just getting started:

First- Be sure you have a CVS extra care card.

Next- Register your card online so that you can get coupons mailed and emailed to you.  You will also get access to online ecoupons.

Last- Get into the habit of getting a weekend newspaper (either Saturday or Sunday depending on when yours has coupons).  This will get you the majority of the coupons you need and let you see the CVS ad.

How the CVS deals work:
  • At CVS the savings are in the Extra Care Bucks.  These are coupons that you earn when you buy certain products that are money towards your next purchase.  For example- Shampoo might be $5.00, but you get $3.00 ECBs when you buy.  That means the shampoo is basically $2.00
  • The key to big savings is buying when things are on sale– not when you need them.  Almost every week there is a great deal on something.  You need to buy it when it’s on sale rather than paying full price later on.  You’ll want to buy as much as you can afford and can use before it expires.
  • You will often need to do multiple transactions.  In order to spend the least amount of money out of pocket each week, you will need to split your items into a couple transactions.  This will allow you to roll your ECBs from one purchase to the next.  Each week I’ll walk you through this part!
  • Scan your CVS card at the coupon machine every visit!  Actually, keep scanning your card until it tells you all your deals have printed! You will often get coupons that are useful for your current trip OR a future trip!
  • Always check your mail! CVS likes to send coupons to your email, so always check that before you go shopping!
Here’s a few disclaimer about my deals:
  • They are going to be easy deals.  I only buy 1 newspaper a week, and try to limit the number of coupons I print (I hate using paper and ink!).  I will NOT post any deals that require you to buy multiple newspapers or use multiple computers to print coupons.  If you are looking for more complicated deals my favorite site to try would be
  • I most likely will not be posting many deals on cleaning products and air fresheners.  I have almost completely switched to natural, chemical free products which are saving me tons of money.  You can read about how I use essential oils and Norwex products for cleaning.
Price Guidelines:

Here are a few price guidelines I follow.  I try to never spend more than the prices listed below.  I’ll update this list as I figure out more price points.

  • Diapers: $5.00 for a pack (about 32 diapers)
  • Toilet paper: $0.35 per roll
  • Toothpaste: FREE
  • Makeup and Nail polish: $1.00
  • Shampoo/Conditioner: $1.00
Terms I’ll use:

ECB: Extra Care Bucks- $$ to use on next purchase

SS: Smart Source coupon insert

RP: Red Plum coupon insert

ecoupon: Found on the CVS webpage or app

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