DIY Onion Bag Scrubbie

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Here is a super cheap and easy way to re-use your onion bags!  Repurpose them into a DIY onion bag scrubbie!  Great for doing dishes!

I’ve been making my own dish scrubbies for years.  I personally think the homemade types are better than anything you can buy in the store AND they are so much cheaper!  You can often find homemade scrubbies in local stores, but the cheapest way to get them is to make them yourself!

I saw the idea for an onion bag scrubbie on the internet years ago, and thought I would give it a try! (Note- the site where it was first posted has been removed.) It was not as easy as I thought it would be, but it does work pretty good.   I think I like my usual netted scrubbies better, BUT this is cheaper and faster to make. Onion bags are basically free, and you only use a few pennies worth of yarn per onion bag scrubbie

DIY Onion Bag Srubbie Directions:

Step 1: Get 2 Onion bags and remove the labels.

I started with one onion bag and saw it was not going to be enough fluff, so I actually had to use two. When I ripped the label off the one bag (which is not as easy as you would think), I ended up losing about 1/4 of my bag!

Step 2: Fold bag into a scrubbie shape:

It may take few tries to get it the size you want.  Be sure it will fit nicely hand in your hand when you are washing dishes.


Step 3: Crochet/Sew edge of scrubbie to hold it shut:

I used the sugar ‘n cream yarn because it holds up really well for dishes.  (This can usually be found at craft stores for around $1)  This step was the hardest!  The original directions I saw said to use a big needle to sew the yarn around the edge.  I didn’t want to buy a big needle, but would HIGHLY recommend it if you are going to start making several of these.  I just wove the yarn through the onion bag and had to use my fingers to pull it through most of the time.  It’s tricky to get the yarn through enough layers so it won’t pull away from the onion bag!


I went around the edge twice, and it looked awful, but you don’t even notice how messy I was in the end.  This step is to give you something to crochet on to.

Step 4: Crochet edge:

The last step is to crochet around the edge.  Begin to crochet where you left off in step 3.  I went around once doing a single stitch (I don’t even know if that’s the right terminology!)  On the corners I did 4 stitches in one loop so it wouldn’t get bunchy.

It’s not the prettiest thing I’ve ever made!!! However, I love the price and it works great!  Please share if you make your own DIY onion bag scrubbie!

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