My menu this week 1/28

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This week we will be eating A LOT of ham!  I am using one from the freezer, but you can grab a great deal on ham this week at Martin’s if you want to eat some of the same meals as us this week!  I posted a Facebook Live video of my menu planning which you can watch here to see how I use what I have in my freezer and pantry to create my menu.

Be sure to also check out the Martin’s deals and Food Lion deals to help with your own menu planning.

My Menu This Week:
  • Sunday- Ham, green beans and scalloped potatoes
  • Monday- Repeat of Sunday dinner (We won’t be home until 6:30 so I need something already made!)
  • Tuesday- Ham, noodle and pea casserole
  • Wednesday- Speghetti and meatballs with salad
  • Thursday- Hot ham and cheese sandwiches served with apples and homemade chips
  • Friday- Pizza and salad
  • Saturday- Ham & bean soup served with biscuits
  • Sunday- Super bowl- Fried chicken, chips with cheese dip, carrots, french fries

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