Is Norwex worth the money??

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I’ve been interested in Norwex for a while but always wondered: Is Norwex worth the money?  So over the past few months, I have been testing out several Norwex products around my house.  I’ve even gotten a few of YOU to test out products for me.  Well, I finally have put together all my thoughts about the products and am ready to share with you which ones are worth the extra money, and which ones you can skip.  This post only reviews 6 products, but the rest will be coming soon!

Be sure to read to the end of this post to find out how you can get extra savings!

What is Norwex?

If you are unfamiliar with Norwex, it is a multi-level marketing company that sells chemical free products for the home.  They are most popular for their Envirocloths and other products that clean only using water.  For each product that was evaluated, we looked how the Norwex product compared in price and performance to whatever we were already using.

How did I compare products?

My main focus for testing the Norwex products was to see if they worked as well as other products, and how the prices compared.  When comparing prices, I used the prices listed in the Norwex catalog and a rough estimate of what I spend per year on other products.  If you’ve been following my blog, I am a couponer and deal seeker, so my prices are probably going to be lower than the average person. The Norwex products come with a 2-year warranty but should last much longer than 2 years.  Just for comparison though I assumed you would only use the product for 2 years.

Here are the results!

Envirocloth & Window Cloth:


Envirocloth $17.99

Window Cloth: $19.99

Buy together as the “Basic Package”: $34.99

Product Description:


Rags (free), paper towels ($25/year), all-purpose cleaning spray ($5.00/year), Windex ($5.00/ year), furniture polish/dusting spray ($2.00/year), disinfecting wipes ($2.00/year), Magic erasers ($5.00/year)

Total Cost for 2 years: about $88.00


The EnviroCloth cleaned everything I tried in my house.  I used it on my hardwood floors, bathtub, countertops, toilet bowl, car (inside and out), dishes, sink, microwave, stove top and the list goes on.  I even used it to remove really old sticker residue from wood furniture.  It seriously was able to clean EVERYTHING. When combined with the window cloth, I cleaned my windows, mirrors, and shined all the metal faucets and fixtures in the house.

The EnviroCloth did get stinky a few times, but that was because I did not properly rinse it out and hang it up.  I really think you need to own 2 sets so that one is being cleaned and one is ready to be used.  I might even suggest 3 sets if you want to keep a separate one for the bathroom.

Because you only need to use water to clean, and it works on so many surfaces I found myself cleaning much more often.  I did not use the cloths for the inside of the toilet, or for cleaning up kid and pet potty messes.  I’m sure it would have worked, but I much prefer using a paper towel!

Update: I have now designated a “bathroom Envirocloth”.  I’ve been using to clean the inside of the toilet and it works great!! (I do this step last when cleaning the bathroom.)

Overall- I will greatly reduce the number of paper towels I use.  I will also no longer buy any of the other cleaning products listed above except for an all-purpose cleaner for the really nasty kid/pet messes.  (I have switched to the Young Living thieves cleaner though!)

Is it worth it?

100% yes.  Over the span of 2 years, the cost of 3 Envirocloths and 1 window cloth is less than what you would spend on other cleaning products.

Body Cloths:


$19.99 for pack of 3

Product Description:


Washcloth ($1.00) Soap & body wash ($10.00/ year), shaving cream ($1.00/year), makeup remover ($5.00/year)

Cost over 2 years: $34.00


I was HIGHLY skeptical of this cloth.  It claimed that I would no longer need soap or shaving cream.  The results: For me and several others who tried it, it did effectively replace soap and shaving cream.  For my husband, who comes home super stinky and dirty from work, it couldn’t quite get rid of his stink BUT it did remove the tar and dirt from his skin better than a regular washcloth.  He said he still prefers shaving cream though

I have very bumpy skin (Keratosis Pilaris aka chicken skin) and found the cloths are actually making my skin smoother.  I’ve been washing the cloths once a week and so far they have yet to get stinky!  I do still like to use my body wash some just because I like the smell, and I do still use my microdermabrasion wash once a week.

Is it worth it?

Maybe.  You probably won’t end up saving money since most people will still buy soap, but they feel super amazing and do work really well.  I like that they only need to be cleaned once a week and that they will replace the majority of the soaps with chemicals I have been using.

Hand & Bath Towel:


Hand Towel: $18.99

Bath Towel: $39.99 for 1

Product Description:


Your regular bath towel ($5.00) and hand towel ($3.00) that typically last several years.


I love the bath towel!  It is super soft and does an amazing job at drying my hair.  The towel dries super quick which is nice when you want to shower twice in one day.  I’ve been washing it once a week, and so far it has not gotten stinky.  Before using this towel, I would alternate bath towels every other day and would usually have to change them before the week was over.

A friend tried the hand towel and said it is great for high traffic bathrooms where people are frequently washing their hands.  The towel not only dries quickly, but it will completely dry your hands.

Is it worth it?

Probably not.  The towels are amazing products, but since regular bath towels are so cheap you can afford to just have plenty of towels to switch out when they get stinky or have not completely dried.

Laundry Detergent:




Regular laundry detergent which costs me about $0.04 per load or $0.99 for a bottle containing 25 loads.  With Norwex products, you need to use a “free and clean” detergent which costs me about $0.08 or $1.99 for 25 loads.

Cost per year: About $11.00 (I average about a load per day)

Not a Couponer? Regular laundry detergent on sale costs anywhere from $0.10 to $0.20 per load depending on how high quality it is and how large of a container you buy.  Cost per year: $35-$75 a year

Product Description:

I have not tried this detergent yet since it is brand new.  However, since I have been impressed with the quality of all the other Norwex items I trust this will be of the same standard.  The cost per load comes to $0.16 or about $59 per year.  This is comparable to regular detergent if you are not couponing and buying higher quality stuff.

Is it worth it?

Maybe. I am very interested in this because it is chemical free AND will hopefully clean my clothes better than some of the detergents I usually buy.

How can you get these products for cheaper?

Good News! Norwex frequently has specials and discounts which make all the products super affordable.   If you are interested in hearing about sales and even getting special discounts available only to my blog subscribers, I have set up a special Facebook group dedicated to Norwex products which you can join here.  (Note- If you already have a Norwex consultant you order through please contact them first. You can read my post about why here.) Want to view all the products? Go to


5 thoughts on “Is Norwex worth the money??”

  1. I’d like to know what your opinion is on the mop and its heads. Have you did a testing on it yet? If so feel free to send me an email with a sneak preview…. considering ordering one VERY near future (unless it’s NOT worth it??) Thanks

    1. Hi Monica! No, I have not tried the mop yet. Currently, my cleaning method for floors is to vacuum, then clean on my hands and knees with an Envirocloth. This is very time consuming BUT incredibly cheaper than the mop! I do know several people who LOVE their mops though! Every month Norwex has customer specials, and there are frequently flash sales. My plan is to hopefully grab a mop sometime soon when it’s on sale! Be sure to join my group that is linked in the post and then you’ll know when they go on sale too!

  2. Thanks for your honest review. I just ordered my first Norwex products a few months ago and I like them, but I haven’t tried them for as many things as you suggested.

  3. Sounds like some great products. Looks like you’ve done your homework on the products. I am already receiving your email but I will save this post and discuss this with my wife and see if this is something that she would like to use. Blog On!

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