A surprising place to buy awesome and cheap leggings…

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Do you like wearing leggings but hate the price of them? Well, I found a surprising place to buy awesome and cheap leggings!

I’ve been a little late joining in the legging fashion fad, but I am now proud to say I am a legging wear-er.  For years I’ve admired all the ladies who feel confident enough to go out in leggings but personally would only wear them around the house.  My around the house leggins weren’t exactly nice enough to wear out in public anyway, and there was no way I could justify buying expensive buttery soft leggings for housework.

I did secretly LOVE the comfort of leggings, so I became determined to find reasonably priced leggins that were up to my “out in public” standards.  Well, I tried on SOOOO many really horrible pairs! So many would become see-through when I’d bend over.  Some had cute patterns that would get stretched out over my thighs.  Many would be too long once I got them to fit my waist and the problems just went on and on!!!

I have bought and returned so many pairs over the past year it’s crazy.  However, I finally found a totally unlikely place that sells amazing, super soft, super thick leggings!!!

Where??? CVS!!!

Yes! One of the CVS stores in town sells these awesome and cheap leggings for between $5.99 and $6.99.  For those of you in the Harrisonburg area- it is the new CVS on South High Street.  They carry solid colors, fun patterns, regular leggings and fleece lined leggings!  The brand is WinWin and I have seen them online but at a considerably higher price.

How do they compare?

So how do they compare to the other more well-known brand?? Well, I do have a pair of LuLaRoe leggings that I love very much.  I have had each brand for about 3 months and I have washed and worn them equally.  So far they are both holding up identically.  Both brands have a few small pill marks between the thighs, and both have faded a little.  I do like the LuLaRoe waistband more, but I like the price of the CVS leggings way more.  I will probably continue to buy both brands (although more of the CVS ones for sure) because I like supporting my LuLaRoe friends!

Have you tried a pair of CVS leggings?? I’d love to know if you love them as much as I do!

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